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Dreamers Guild Rules
  • Guild Rules
Basic Requirements

1. Level 85
2. Must be at least 16 years old.
3. The ability to raid from 1930 – 2300 server-time at ALL MANDATORY ATTENDANCE 10 and 25 Man Guild Raids (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).
4. Be a team player.
5. Have no fear of death as dying is a large part of learning new raid content. You must be able to support your own repairs, enchants and gems.
6. Gems and Enchants for your gear. Flask & food buffs are required for each raid and you are required to bring them for yourself.
7. You must have Ventrilo and a microphone. You need to be able to respond via voice communication during raids to Raid Leader or Officer questions or to ask questions about any encounter.
8. You must be able to speak, read and write English such that the majority of people understand you.
9. Your computer system and internet connection must be able to handle high end raid content and have a stable connection.
10. New Applicants are expected to have almost Cataclysm HC Dungeon Gear (Item Level 346+) with the achievements to prove it on the character they are applying to join the Guild with.
11. RAID TIMES / DATES – Posted via the In-Game Calendar. Mandatory 10-25 man raid days are listed in number 3 above.

Guild Rules & Guidelines:

Our raid times are based on the EU server times (CET). Raid invites begin at 19:15 and the raid starts promptly at 19:30. Raids end around 23:00.

A. Holidays or Being Offline for any reason. You must post in the forum on the WWW.DREAMERSKARAZHAN.MMOGUILDSITES.COM website the length and reason for your offline period 7 days in advance and if shorter a reason the officers will decide is acceptable or not at their sole discretion.

B. DREAMERS does not use DKP. All loot is distributed via a loot council of the officers. In general it is Main Spec over Off Spec wins and armor priority (leather to leather as opposed to cloth for a leather wearer).
C. You have ONE Main Spec. That is the Spec you are listed as in the Guild. You are a Tank OR a DPS OR a Healer. Any loot distributed goes first to Main Spec toons. This means, for example, Tank weapons have hit/dodge and every other permutation of that example for any class. Do NOT argue you have two specs (everyone does). In a case where a Main Spec (on a BOE or BOP item although the BOE item may be given to the GB or saved for another Main Spec Raider not in the raid depending on what the council decides) can be used by someone in the raid and is NOT needed by a Main Spec Raid Member (irrespective of Rank, e.g. a Trial would still receive a Main Spec item over a GM for Offspec) then and only then will it be considered for Offspec use (rather than being disenchanted).

If you applied to this Guild you did so knowing you were expected to raid at least 4 days a week as part of mandatory attendance (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). Failure to keep this promise will result in demotion or Guild removal.

Understanding Guild Rules & Guidelines

The guild rules and guidelines are designed and required to accomplish the Guild’s goals. We are raiding high end content and have members from all over the world. In short, be nice to everyone and they will be nice to you. This seems simple enough but some people have difficulty understanding the overall concept. For example, if you are away from your computer for any reason during a raid when a ready check is made you are wasting the time of all the other people in the raid who are paying attention. This example applies to every situation in the Guild. Be aware your actions affect everyone else. When you see a guild member somewhere in the game greet them with a happy /salute or /greet. This is simple civilized behavior. Do not swear, call people names, or make other types of disparaging remarks against other people. Be nice to everyone. CHECK THE GUILD WEBSITE WWW.DREAMERSKARAZHAN.MMOGUILDSITES.COM EVERYDAY TO PARTICIPATE IN GUILD DECISIONS ON THE FORUMS THERE.


A. Ventrilo is required for every member.
B. Ventrilo is only for the guild and its members.
C. Please keep Ventrilo guild chatter and Raid Chat to a minimum in order to make the raid progress. It is difficult to keep the raid going with many people talking at the same time.
D. If you have a question about the raid or your role in a specific tactical scenario you may ask on Ventrilo for direction from the Raid Leader, Officer or Guild Masters.

Guild Ranks (Highest to Lowest)

1. Co – GM, GM Emeritus
2. Officers - Class Leaders, Raid Leaders, etc. are all Officers and their role in the Guild is determined by the Officers themselves.
3. Raider - This constitutes the hard core membership. Having 80%+ attendance, good attitude, and possible promotion to Officer if one should leave for any reason. Occasionally Raiders are also designated to lead Raids as part of the process.
4. Member - This will represent the bulk of the Guild. A minimum of the Mandatory Raid Attendance of 3 days plus a good attitude and possible promotion to Raider if they reach the attendance (sign up and show up on time) and play level (some people will never be Raiders even if they have 100% attendance because they simply can't play their class well enough to be a Raider).
5. Trial - Generally a 2 week period where the person is evaluated whether or not to be promoted to Member, demoted to Social, or removed and another Trial person replaces them.
6. Officer Alt - This is the same as an Officer (access to Officer's Channel, etc.). When Officers are on their alts they are enjoying the game (as it should be) but can still participate in Officer duty if the case arises without having to re-log.
7. Alt - This is the Alt of anyone except for an Officer.
8. Social - A person that has in real life friends or family they play with them and are allowed in the Guild to do so. This is a COURTESY to our Guild Roster and any abuse will not be tolerated. They will raid very infrequently, if at all, yet promotes the overall morale of the Guild by allowing friends and family to play in the Guild with them. This category is also for persons, for whatever reason, whom have become inactive. The Inactive status will be changed when the inactive person and the Officers decide to do so.

Anyone in the Guild who has poor raid attendance, poor behavior, or for other obvious reasons may be demoted. Should you prove yourself once again then at the Officers discretion you will be promoted again at an appropriate time.

Officers decide when it is time to promote a person from Trial to Member to Raider.

During a Raid it is policy that Raiders and above receive priority invitations as long as they have signed up and showed up for the raid.

RAIDS are decided by the Officers prior to the raid. All members should be familiar with all tactics in all raid encounters.

Alt Characters

Each person with the rank of member or above is allowed alt characters. The alt character is treated the same way as the main character and follows the same rules. This allows the guild more flexibility in filling raid spots but in most cases Main characters are given priority over Alt characters for raid invites. Alt characters will receive the same ranking as other characters and follow the same rules and guidelines irrespective of their Main Characters rank or status.

Guild Recruitment

All members of any rank are to help recruit new members. In general new members should be geared as referenced at the top of the Guild Rules AND be able to follow the guild rules and guidelines. Every new member goes through the same Trial process and it helps the guild to recruit people you know are good players and ready to go after end game content.

Guild Appointed Trade Skills

One person from each trade skill will be appointed as the Guild designee for that trade skill. Any patterns/recipes from raid are given to that designee. Extra patterns are rolled on to anyone with the skill.


Dreamers is a Raiding Guild. The primary goal is 25 Man Raid progress. Any person of the rank Trial and above has agreed to attend the Mandatory Raid days. All persons of the rank Raider and above are expected to attend a MINIMUM of 4 raids per week. Even if you are not invited to the raid you are expected to stay online during the Raid because you are on standby and may be called in at any moment as Raid encounters now are best served by different class configurations. This allows the Officers to plan week(s) in advance the raiding schedule. At the beginning of each week every person of the ranks Trial and above are to ACCEPT the Mandatory Raid Days for the FULL week in advance. Attendance is tracked on a spreadsheet and falling below the above listed amounts (without a posting in the Forum as listed in Guild Rules Point A above) will be demoted or removed from the Guild. Should you find you are unable to plan your own schedule out one week in advance then this is your problem, not the Guild’s.

Dreamers is a RAIDING guild. We want to progress in 10-25 man raids. The first criteria, attendance, is clearly laid out above. The second criteria is performance in the raid. At any point you may be asked to go to standby, demoted, promoted or any other performance related action based upon your skill as a player or the needs of the raid. The Officers make this decision. In short, sign up, show up at the raid on time with enchanted and gemmed gear, flasks and food , and a good understanding of ALL raid encounters in the game through your own personal study. In the raid, listen to the Officers and Raid leaders and follow their directions. If you are NOT an Officer or Class Leader keep your mouth closed and fingers to themselves (no babbling in Vent or on /raid /guild /party /w.

As Additional Clarification For The Guild Rules:

People who cannot abide by the Guild Rules (including opening mouth and inserting foot, inappropriate language or behavior, etc.) will be summarily demoted until such time as they have proven themselves again or if the Officers deem necessary summarily removed from the Guild. We don't want your opinions, strategies, excuses, or anything else being discussed during raids. Execute the tactics as appropriate to your class and listen (do not argue or offer unsolicited advice to anyone in any shape or form) to the Officers.

This Guild may or may not be for you and you may or may not be a person for the Guild. The rules are STRICTLY enforced and whining/complaining as well as poor performance or attendance is NOT TOLERATED. There are many other social guilds in the game and if ALL of the above is not something you WANT to progress as a member of a Raiding Guild then /gquit and find one that better suits you.